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Drunk Shakespeare


A self-proclaimed “drinking club with a Shakespeare problem,” the merry members of the Drunk Shakespeare Society invite you to join a night of suds and sonnets, cocktails and couplets, booze and … well, you get the idea.

As one member of this talented cast of lead-livered actors imbibes more than their fair share of liquid courage, an outrageous evening of theater ensues as they attempt to lead the rest of the cast through a Shakespeare story in just over 90 minutes. Rest assured, the results will be sloppy, silly and occasionally iambic as the night devolves into inevitable debauchery.

Helpful Tips:

It's performed in a hidden Speakeasy behind the Chicago Theater. Craft cocktails available during the show.

Run Time:
90 Minutes

A voucher will be emailed, once your transaction is complete. Print vouchers and present at the box office/kiosk to redeem. Vouchers on a mobile device are not accepted.

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