eServus Saves Your Tenants Time and Money

Tenant Benefits

Your tenants save on tickets, hotels, car rentals and more

  • Your tenants save money on tickets to movies, theatre, sports and more

  • One-stop shopping for all your tenants' entertainment needs

  • Easy and hassle-free online ordering

  • Free delivery directly to your tenants' office building

  • Friendly, helpful staff to answer all of your tenants' questions

About Eservus

eServus Online Concierge Services partners with property managers to engage tenants with a variety of high-value services, including access to savings on tickets, hotels, car rentals and more. With eServus's Tenant Engagement Services, we offer a wide range of high-value services to our property manager clients, including organizing tenant events, building newsletters, tenant surveys and more. We offer our services at a fraction of the cost of in-lobby concierges.

Serving a portfolio of hundreds of office towers in Boston, Calgary, Dallas, Edmonton, Houston, Minneapolis, Toronto, and Vancouver, eSservus is the market leader in providing concierge and tenant engagement services to the commercial real estate community.

eServus's clients include some of the largest property managers in North America:

eServus is planning to expand into other U.S. cities in the near future.

Engage and Retain Your Tenants

If you're looking to implement a tenant engagement and retention strategy, Eservus represents a turnkey customer service initiative that can be up and running in as little as 30 days, at an annual cost of just pennies per square foot.

We offer every class of building a valuable tenant service that boosts tenant loyalty… and your bottom line.

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The eServus concierge offering is of particular value to us ... I highly recommend engaging their services to attain the success an asset of this magnitude demands.

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eServus Saves Your Tenants Time and Money

eServus saves your tenants an average of 25% on their ticket purchases. And everything that eServus offers, from hockey and movie tickets to gift baskets and spa services, is available through our easy-to-use website, providing your tenants with convenient one-stop shopping. What's more, eServus includes your logo on all our printed promotional materials and on our website, helping you to build your brand.

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