A Unique and Effective
Sales Channel

eServus is a market leader in corporate concierge services, providing discounted ticket services, plus a variety of other services, to more than 250,000 clients in Atlanta, Boston, Calgary, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Edmonton, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Diego, San Francisco, Toronto, Vancouver and Washington.

eServus has teamed up with hundreds of supplier partners to offer our clients access to a wide variety of high-value services, including discounted tickets to theatre, sports, movies and attractions, plus access to discounted hotels, car rentals, gym memberships and more.

Here are just a few of our supplier partners:

A First-Class Client Base

eServus represents a unique and effective sales channel with access to a highly coveted demographic: corporate professionals in office buildings in major North American centers. Here is a snapshot of our member base:

We see a noticeable lift in sales whenever we're featured in any of their promotions. I consider eServus to be an integral part of our corporate sales strategy.

Partner with us

Market to a Front-Row Audience

Partnering with eServus is like adding another member to your sales team. We will promote your products and services to our clients through a variety of promotional channels, including permission-based email campaigns, professionally printed newsletters, in-lobby events and, of course, exposure on our website.

For ticket suppliers, there’s no cost to partner with eServus other than providing us with a discount; for suppliers of other services, whether you pay our monthly promotional fee or arrange to pay automatically via commission, eServus represents an extremely cost-effective promotional medium.

Join the growing list of companies that promote their products and services through eServus. Just complete the following form and an eServus representative will follow up with you.