Tenant Engagement Services

eServus has developed technology that takes tenant engagement to an entirely new level. We're now offering eServus Connects, a platform that provides a number of tools for property managers to engage with their tenants, and tools for tenants to engage with each other.

In today's connected world, tenants expect to be able to find information related to their office building online and also connect with property managers quickly. eServus Connects allows tenants to do just that!

Key feaures include:

  • Central hub for building information, such as Services & Facilities, Tenant Directory and Contact Info
  • Ability to communicate building announcements and events through multiple channels
  • Bulletin board for tenants to connect with each other and share relevant interests (e.g. running groups, carpooling, etc.)
  • Social feed to allow tenants to engage in conversation with their building community and their broader social network
  • Business Marketplace for tenants to promote their products and services to other tenants
  • Tenant Feedback tools to gather valuable tenant insights
  • Advertising opportunities for retailers
  • Reporting and analytics on tenant engagement

In addition to the desktop platform, our mobile-friendly design allows tenants and property managers to stay connected and engaged on their mobile devices.

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eServus Can Help You Engage Your Tenants

eServus's Tenant Engagement Technology is designed to help property managers connect with tenants online and make it easier for tenants to connect with you and the rest of the building community.

For more information about Tenant Engagement Technology, or to request a demo, please complete the following form and an eServus representative will follow up with you.


We are passionate about helping the commercial real estate community engage their tenants. Read our blog for actionable tips on tenant engagement.

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